ELS-ORCA Electron Beam Lithography System Image


Key Features:

  • 30kV EBL column design – Drawing on four decades of experience
  • User-friendly EBL software
  • High resolution SEM imaging

A Revolutionary Leap in 30kV EBL Systems

The ELS-ORCA offers cutting-edge performance on a customized platform for R&D applications.  Various options can include automatic focusing, dynamic focus correction, and the flexibility to increase acceleration voltage up to 50kV.  In addition, a high resolution SEM imaging option, with beam retarding capability, offers excellent observation at a low accelerating voltage.  This allows the end-user to precisely calibrate the lithographic process against the CAD layout design, quickly and efficiently.


Electron Gun

Acceleration Voltage

Minimum Beam Spot Size

Minimum Line Width

Beam Current

Writing speed

Minimum Shot Pitch

Maximum Field Size

Maximum Sample Size

Maximum Writing Capability

Loading system


ZrO/W Thermal Field Emitter

1 ~ 30kV

(1 ~ 50kV)

D 2.0nm

(D 1.6nm)



5pA ~ 80nA



1000um square

8" Wafer

150mm x 150mm

Single autoloader


Beam conditions
Exposure schedule
Pattern data converter
Account management
Python scripting

Elionix Lithography Management System

The elms software is a comprehensive electron beam lithography management user interface residing on a Win10 platform.  From full production job scheduling, to SEM UI, to system diagnostics, this software platform is very intuitive to use.