MIT.nano Installs Elionix ELS-HS50 for High-Speed EBL Applications

STS-Elionix is pleased to announce the successful installation of the Elionix ELS-HS50 at MIT.nano.

The ELS-HS50 is a high-speed electron beam lithography tool that can pattern feature sizes down to 20 nanometers at 1nA and can process samples from small pieces up to 200 millimeter wafers.

From the article posted by MIT, the following was stated, “Overall, these tools are important additions to MIT.nano that will help researchers create and analyze at the nanoscale,” says Jorg Scholvin, assistant director for Fab.nano. “Each fills a critical gap in our existing set of capabilities. What’s really exciting is the range — they can all handle the smallest pieces up to 200-millimeter wafers.”

This is the second EBL tool located at MIT from Elionix.

The ELS-F125 provides the power to pattern lines down to 5 nm’s and is well suited to keep up with the pace of today’s pioneering research.

More information on the Elionix ELS-F125 at MIT.nano can be found on their website.