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ELS-F150 with Autoloader_Slant


High acceleration voltage ebl system

The ELS-F150 is the world’s first 150 kV electron beam lithography system. Expanding on the 100kV and 125kV systems, the ELS – F150 enables single digit nanoscale device fabrication. 

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ELS-BODEN Series Tools

High performance Capabilities for High Resolution and High Throughput Applications

The ELS-BODEN Series Systems are dedicated to those customers seeking to fabricate devices where ultra-fine patterns are most important.  The ELS-BODEN Series EBL tools offer up to a 300mm square writing area and can hold samples from small pieces up to 300mm wafers, as well as 9 inch masks.  A complete line of autoloaders are available.

ELS-BODEN acceleration voltages are: 50kV, 100kV, 125kV, 150kV 



The ELS-G100 produces a highly stable beam with a diameter as small 1.8nm, using acceleration voltages of up to 100kV and high beam currents. This allows fine patterns to be drawn with a line width of 6nm or less.



A Revolutionary Leap in 30kV EBL Systems

The ELS-ORCA offers cutting-edge performance on a customized platform for R&D applications.  Various options can include automatic focusing, dynamic focus correction, and the flexibility to increase acceleration voltage up to 50kV.  In addition, a high resolution SEM imaging option, with beam retarding capability, offers excellent sample observation at a low acceleration voltage.  This allows the end-user to precisely calibrate the lithographic process against the CAD layout.

ELS-ORCA Electron Beam Lithography System Image

Global Reach

STS-Elinox is a partnership dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art nanotechnology products throughout North America and Europe.

Elionix Lithography Management System

The elms software is a comprehensive electron beam lithography management user interface residing on a Win10 platform.  From full production job scheduling, to SEM UI, to system diagnostics, this software platform is very intuitive to use.

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