STS-Elionix Helps Power Ireland’s High-Tech Future with an Electron Beam Lithography System (ELS- G100) Installation at Tyndall National Institute

Tyndall National Institute is a strategic partnership between University College Cork and the Irish Government and they are expanding their nanotechnology capabilities by making investments in electron beam lithography.

Tyndall National Institute is focused on becoming one of Ireland’s premier organizations in facilitating a high-tech Ireland and the ELS-G100 recently garnered praise from Irish Taoiseach Micháel Martin who said:

“Tyndall is doing fundamental work to secure Ireland’s future as a technology leader competing on the world stage for deep-tech innovation and research. Tyndall is delivering ground-breaking work that will transform our high-tech economy, and is strongly supporting key Irish technology companies and SMEs. With facilities such as Tyndall, underpinned by Government investment, Ireland’s high-tech future is secure.”


Elionix Electron Beam Lithography systems are enabling a foray into deep technology and quantum engineering in Ireland. Tyndall’s Investment in the ELS-G100 will help power breakthroughs in high-tech fields including computing, communications, MedTech and more, in Ireland and elsewhere around the globe.

The Elionix ELS-G100 is a 100kV ultra-high precision Electron Beam Lithography system helping research institutions, like Tyndall National Institute, power nanotechnology research forward.

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Note: On June 1, 2021, the Elionix ELS-G100 was replaced by the Elionix ELS-BODEN 100.