University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to Install First 150kV Electron Beam Lithography System in North America

The University of Illinois Grainger College of Engineering and Elionix, Inc. will install North America’s first 150kV Electron Beam Lithography system in the Grainger College of Engineering Holonyak Micro & Nanotechnology Lab (MNTL).

The ELS-G150 is the world’s first electron beam lithography system that can guarantee 4nm line widths. Nanoscale production of novel devices and incorporation of new nano-scale materials require that improvements be made to all fabrication and metrology tools. Electron beam lithography tools often need higher accelerating voltage for better writing resolution and less proximity effect; the ELS-G150 was designed to meet specific needs of research and development teams with a high degree of precision. The system is ideal for creating optical waveguides, quantum devices, photonic crystals, 3-D holograms, zone plates, meta-lenses, and more.

MNTL is one of the country’s largest and most sophisticated university facilities for conducting photonics, microelectronics, biotechnology, and nanotechnology research.

“My research group develops novel optical inspection and metrology methods to find and characterize killer nanoscale defects. We will use the new 150-keV system to pattern chips with 4-nm wide segments and programmed defect types across a 500 µm x 500 µm exposure field. Creating samples with features that are far more intricate than the current manufacturing node will enable us to improve our optical methods and address future grand challenges in the semiconductor industry.” – Dr. Lynford Goddard, Professor

“The new tool will greatly push the limit of ebeam lithography to allow realizing high-quality photonic and optomechanical devices unforeseen, which might bring breakthrough for applications in quantum technology.” – Dr. Kejie Fang, Assistant Professor

“We are pleased to add this to our arsenal of new tools and supply research device foundry services to those needing this advanced capability. We are excited to be the first to have this capability in North America. The device research and users of HMNTL will benefit greatly with this truly state-of-the-art lithography. Visit” – Dr. Mark McCollum, Principal Research Engineer

The ELS-G150 is configured with a single auto loader and supports small pieces, all the way up to 8-inch wafers. The control software is Windows-based and incorporates our proprietary CAD software. For more information about Elionix, and its products, you can email us at or visit our website at


Note: On June 1, 2021, the Elionix ELS-G150 was replaced by the Elionix ELS-BODEN 150.